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        £ 5995

        George Medal, Manchester Blitz

        Code: J6652

        George Medal, GVI, Defence Medal, Civil Defence Medal, Granville Crew Hodkinson, Manchester Voluntary Rescue Party, for outstanding bravery on 11th March 1941 in Chorlton, tunnelling under debris with his bare hands.

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        £ 685

        Ashantee, Lt R.F. Devereux, 2nd WIR

        Code: J6639

        Ashantee Medal 1873-4, no bar, Major Robert Fetherston Devereux, 2nd Battalion West India Regiment, of Ballyrankin House, Ireland, who fought at the battle of Essamen, Accamfoo and Ampinee during the war.

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        £ 2795

        Afghanistan, 92nd Highlanders, Killed Majuba Hill 1881

        Code: J6585

        Afghanistan Medal 1878-80, 3 bars, Charasia, Kabul, Kandahar, 2087 Pte J. Mcarthur, 92nd Highlanders. Served in the First Boer War and was killed in the disastrous battle for Majuba Hill on 27th February 1881.

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        £ 1795

        QSA China Trio KIA Jutland Black Prince

        Code: J6591

        Queen’s South Africa Medal, China Medal 1900, 1914-15 Star Trio, Naval L.S. and G.C., Chief Engine Room Artificer Thomas Dyer, HMS Terrible, Royal Navy, Killed in Action on HMS Black Prince on 31st May 1916, Battle of Jutland

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        £ 1295

        GSM Bomb Mine Clearance 1945-49 RE

        Code: J6653

        General Service Medal, GVI, bar Bomb and Mine Clearance 1945-49, 14627033 Spr D.J. McGhee, 20th Bomb Disposal Squadron Royal Engineers based at Tunbridge Wells and blew up a bomb at Eastbourne in 1946.

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        £ 3495

        DCM Battle of Mahiwa WAFF European

        Code: J6368

        Distinguished Conduct Medal, GV, British War and Victory Medal, Army LS and GC, Special Constabulary, C. Sgt A. Kerry, Royal Fusiliers, wounded and decorated for “The most savage battle in the history of African conflict”

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        £ 5995

        Sydney Emden Medal Group RAN Australia Original CREW

        Code: J6367

        1914-15 Star Trio, Sydney Emden Medal by W. Kerr, officially named Western Australia Sydney Emden 1914 Medal, Stoker W.R. Belcham, attached Royal Australian Navy, Original Crew member since 1913.

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        £ 995

        QSA Defence of Kimberley Capt Wounded

        Code: J6644

        Queen’s South Africa Medal, 3 bars, Defence of Kimberley, Orange Free State, South Africa 1901, Transport Officer Captain Simon Peter Waldek, Kimberley Volunteer Regiment, wounded in action at Carter’s Ridge 28 Nov 1899 during Siege.

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        At Liverpool Medals as well as buying and selling Medals awarded for service we also specialise in rare and beautiful Orders & Decorations of all kinds.


        These range from Austrian Empire Orders of the Iron Crown or Franz Joseph, exceptional Legion D’Honneur badges dating back to the very first issue by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1804, All the way to the Zanzibar Order of the Brilliant Star, from the lowest class awards all the way up to full Grand Cross Collar Chains.

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