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        Latest Stock

        We usually update our stock every 2 to 3 weeks.

        British Medals & Orders

        Browse our stock of British Medals from United Kingdom & it’s Colonies.

        World Medals & Orders

        Browse our stock from all other countries of the world.


        Browse our sold item archive.


        Our Email Address:?Sales@Liverpoolmedals.com


        Postal Address:


        Liverpool Medals Limited
        1, The Causeway
        WA14 1DE
        United Kingdom


        From UK 0161 928 3272

        From U.S.A. or Canada 01144 161 928 3272

        International 0044 161 928 3272

        Hours of Business:

        9:00am – 5:00pm – Monday – Friday (UK Time)


        Out of hours Answerphone on 0161 928 3272

        If you would like to contact us directly from this site, You can send a message to us using the form below.


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